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I'm not a Furry, but a Steampunk interested in the Steamfurry crossover between the scenes.

As the organizer of a UK Steampunk Festival, the Waltz on the Wye, I'm interested in the Steamfurry scene. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to have got off to the best start and there is already some anti-fur feeling around in Steampunk. I don't agree with this — any event I run will be Steamfurry-friendly, even though it's primarily a Steampunk event rather than a Fur event.

If I was a Furry, it would probably be as a Badger (the European Meles meles). If you like Badgers and Steamfurry, then I'd recommend Bryan Talbot's Grandville for starters. Personally, I'm more like Captain Ramshackle, of Jeff Noon's Automated Alice.

I'm not particularly active here, so if you want to get in touch, either use email or dig me out of my sett over at Wikipedia as User:Andy Dingley.