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Anailaigh Valkyrie Scale {Interest}[edit]

Age: 27

Gender: Fem

Species: Zeolf. Zebra X Timber Wolf

Sexual Orientation: Males 98% of the time Herms/Fems/Fem Boys other 2% {RP/PICS only. as im ALL for my Mate ONLY IRL)

Mated?: Yes, to Jade-Scale my Sexy Argonian Lizard

Special Powers?: Yes, Though i am 50/50 born of Timber Wolf & Grants Zebra... I have learned through my clans white magic how to shapeshift (polymorph). 2500 Years is long in human an other species languages for age of living.. but to us it is a speck of dirt on the newly washed car, it means nothing. I can shapeshift into ANY creature, big or small. Full or half species an even a few hybrids. Any age, sex or color. Fur or Scaled or rubber skinned. However, there are indeed limits when i do this. For that.. well you'd have to find out wouldnt ya?

Colorations & Description: B/W Striped Body. Long tail thats both bushy & hairlike (cross between species), ear tips are rounded a bit more then pointed, rainbow colored mane/tail, tail is striped. Hooves are the darkest of Onyx Black they can be, but at times they are painted with sparklies if she chooses to dress up an go out Tongue. Mane & Tail are long an flowy.

Markings: One 'claw slash' like mark under each eye, her tribal tattoo of the Celts. Between each 'slashes' is a light purple gemstone, each of the slashes on the otter edges are dark purple, the middle is light purple. ,.,., <-- something like that.