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Hello, I’m Ambidexter (or Dexy for short), a toon chinchilla from Russia, Moscow. Actually, I was born right-handed, but I’m trying my best to develop my left hand as well, hence the nickname =)

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Not sure why I registered here. I do understand and speak English, but if I try to write an article, it will be all lame and stylistically poor. Maybe I’ll just provide some facts about Russian furry cons, zines, artists, etc.

Not exactly a furry (i.e. I do not imagine myself as an animal or something), but definitely a member of the furry community. Alas, I cannot draw, or sew, or sing, but still I am/was involved in several furry projects (such as ARFI magazine, Rusfurence website / con book, Gdakon website, etc), usually as a proofreader, translator (EN→RU and occasionally RU→EN) or programmer (as in PHP & JS coder, not as in event scheduler). In 2009 I performed a correct translation of Furry Code into Russian (in opposition to the classic translation that contained lots of blunders), in 2013 wrote my own decoder that is now used by WeFurries and some other furry websites. Here’s my code, by the way:

FR[Chinchilla]f3a A- C+>++ D+ H~-@ !M P+ R-- T++ W->+/***$ Z- !S RLCT*/ET>CT a cn++++>nl++++$ d e++++ f? h* iwf+++ j@ p--> sf#

Currently working on Furry Code 2.0: Reloaded in cooperation with Flacke, stay tuned ~_^

If you speak Russian, you may check out the article in Russian Wikifur for a full list of my furry-related projects.