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Alpha Omega, Alpha, Omega, or AO for short is a short, slim light blue and green furred canine with dragonish wings and a reputation for being rather odd, thought by some to be quite insane.

She has always admired the furry fandom from a distance since a young teenager, but only recently decided to take the plunge and become a furry, due to an odd canine(her fursona) that kept popping up in her artwork without going away. After about the 10th time in a row that she had drawn Alpha, she decided that now was the time to go all out, and finally become a fur.

Alpha is most often seen on YiffChat, but has plans to become a member of FurAffinity soon.She is very friendly and will talk to anybody about just anything, so if you encounter her, dont be shy!!

Alpha Omega is an artist and does take commissions, though due to a faulty and temeramental scanner, none of her artwork is online.

Alpha Lives in Western New York, around the Finger Lakes with her husband and her daughter Autumn, who just hit the Terrible Two's. She is waiting on an apprenticeship at a local tattoo shop, volunteers at a local rescue clinic for aggressive and viscious dogs, and shows her two dogs, Enchante's Wabash Cannonball(his call name is Cash), an Afghan Hound, and Alexander, a Caucasian Ovcharka, in her spare time. Ask her about them, their part of the family too!!