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Who is Alma anyways?[edit]

Alma Moonphase (Also known as Kittybell, or Sparrow Grey) is generally secretive furry, she has little to do with the rest of the fandom, but only because she's shy and doesn't get many chances to interact anyways. Her main fursona is a grey wolf/silver fox hybrid, basically a smallish, twin-tailed wolf with a foxish build. She has other fursonas such as Kittybell (also known as Kitty Bellara or Bells) , a vampiric black-furred cat with plum-purple points and lavender eyes, Sparrow Grey, a "miniature gryphon" who's a combination of a grey tabby cat and an unnamed species of sparrow, and Clover, a white wolf with a red face, a red belly, red paws and a red tail-tip, her eyes are green and she has a Derleth-style Elder Sign tattooed on both of her shoulders. She's a pet site addict, though she's only on a few currently, as she has trouble finding quality ones. One of her many hobbies is spriting, particularly pokemon, and she's happy to do a recolour or a splice if asked nicely. She is self proclaimed Plushophile in the non-sexual sense, and has a large collection of stuffed animals that she's been collecting since childhood. She's a big fan of the HIs Dark Materials trilogy, and her daemon is a red fox named Padpaw.

She is liable to hug anyone and everyone, especially at anime conventions. She has yet to cosplay as an anthro character, but has pulled off kemonomimi cosplays several times.

How she joined the Furry Fandom[edit]

Alma has always liked to dress up a in animal costumes, usually cats. As stated in the previous section, she has been a collector of stuffed animals since childhood. When she was about five, she wanted to be either Cheetor from Beast Wars, Red XIII from FF7, or a house cat when she grew up. Her first known interactions with the fandom would be at Daisho con 2008, where she hugged several brightly coloured wolf fursuiters. She spent much of her time on Neopets, but became disillusioned with it in October of '08, and found her way to Subeta. She began truly identifying with Furry in 08, and now we're where we are now.

Alma(known as KittyBell) on subeta

Alma on wajas

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