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Alexis Lightus is a Sumatran Tigress standing at 6' 2 Tall, Born July 22 1987 and has been a Furry for 3 years.
Alexis Has Brown hair usually kept a bit short and wears Glasses to See well.
Born in the State of Georgia Moved to Ohio at the Age of 1 later moving to West Virginia at about 14 living there until July of 2010 moving back to Georgia
as of january 2012 alexis Currently lives back in West Virginia
alexis isant much of an Artist but does have a few sites to mention

FA Link
My Twitter
My Main Site / Blog

Decode my furcode:FFT3as A C- D H M- P+ R T- W- Z- Sh+ RLU a cdlnw++ d e+ f++++ h* iwf+ j p sm-

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