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Alexander Falkor was Born(December 13,1995)in Siminole,FL and he currently lives in Dunedin,FL he has always loved animals Alex was friends with most of the animals he came across and Alex loves to read Alex grew up with a rough childhood he first found the fandom in 2004 wgich he instantly loved and got involved in he spent a few years borrowing fursonas till he made his own permentant fursona Alexander Falkor his last name was given to him by his adoptive father Leidolf it means Guardian of the people


Alexander Falkor

Age :17

Height :6'2

Weight :150 lbs

Likes :nature,cuddling,protecting others

Hates :Sith,ignorant people,being insulted

Species :werewolf(Jedi Sage)

Gender :Male

Orientation :Gay

Relationship : Happily Mated to Royal Knight Wolf

Fur Colors :Grey And White

Eye Color :Ocean Blue

Hair Color :Walnut Brown

Clothing :a stylish pair of black jeans and no shirts ever he hates shirts

Physique :very muscular

Markings :2 white streaks on his upper arms on both that is just below the shoulder

Personality :he is kind and loving when he wants to be but he has a temper to be reckoned with he is noble and determined to defend the innocent and protect those in need he is wise and cunning with the will power of most Jedi masters he is a lover of hugs and belly rubs

Bio :he was taken from his home as a pup and trained in the Jedi ways for most his childhood and when he passed the trails and became a Jedi Sage he has happy to be one and he defends and protects everyone in need he dosen't approve of the Jedi code and he fell in love and keeps it hidden from the order