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I am a Grey-Wolf furry with blue eyes, I'm on furaffinity as ocarinaman7 I'm an Ambassador on Sofurry as ocarinaman7 I'm on furry4life as Alan Lare I'm on Ink bunny as ocarinaman7 I started being a furry, when a pretty close friend of mine introduced me to the web-comic Two Kinds four years ago. I just made up the name Alan, and a furry fox friend of mine, Syfe Fahl Whom I go to High School with. I'm also Bi, and I can be a bit of a femboy at times. I can be really random, and fun to generally know and be around if I'm happy. I really don't like sarcasm. I was born October 2nd 1994. I've never attended a furry convention, but I plan on attending Rainfurrest in Seattle after I get up the money, and a car. I'm Bi-curious, hoping for a male mate. I'm planning to have a second fursona, Lunar Nightpaw, Lunar meaning I just love the moon, especially when it's full, I tend to howl at it, Nightpaw meaning I love the time of night, overall, just the stars even. I'm a true friend to all who are a true friend to each other. My motto is "You are perfect as you are, don't let anyone tell you different, or put you down, always have the courage to be yourself"

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