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Hello, I’m Ahundred the Wolfsatyr. That’s like a wolf with horns and cloven hooves. I’m a furry artist.


  • Name: Ahundred the Wolfsatyr, (you can call me 100, but I prefer it spelt out.)
  • Sex: Male.
  • Height: Five feet and three inches.
  • Occupation: Frialator, (without me, hash would go unslung. It would just sit there. Can't abide motionless hash.)
  • Species: Wolfsatyr.
  • Birthdate: July 31st, 1987. (7/31/1987, all prime numbers.)
  • Residence: Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., (Capitol Hill.)
  • Interests: Historical architecture, illustration, (furry and otherwise,) and vintage automobiles.
  • Favorite music: Swing, grunge, original score.
  • Favorite noble gas: Neon, (so pretty and glowey and red.)
  • Quote: “Fear is the darkroom in which the Devil develops his negatives.” —Mama Chroma.

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