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Ahroun has existed in various forms on various zoo talkers (Notably Sleepy's, Lintilla, and Plane of Animals).  His longest lasting incarnations have been on FurryMUCK and Tapestries MUCK.  While all the incarnations of Ahroun have been personal furs, the incarnation of Ahroun on Tapestries MUCK is the most plot-developed version and is now considered the canonical Ahroun.
==Initial Character Concept==
===Why 'Garou'?  Why 'Ahroun'?===
Ahroun was never intended to be a typical Werewolf: The Apocalypse (here-in refered to as WW:tA) 'Garou'.  The reason the player elected to use the term was that Ahroun was intended to have the same general physiological parameters of a WW:tA werewolf, including the five various body forms and the shifting pattern between them.  Ahroun however never participated in any of the mythology of WW:tA.
Even in the initial development in the creation of the character, Ahroun would always inform people asking him if he was an Ahroun, in the sense of a Full-Moon born Garou, that he was in fact older that the first pack of the WW:tA mythology.  No mechanism for this detail was provided.
Though initially, there was not an awareness of the origin of the word 'Ahroun', Ahroun's future was to be the epitome of the word's origins.  Originating in High Germanic, the word 'ahroun' was a reference to the original swaztika of balance (to be clearly differentiated from the Nazi emblem, which was spun counter-clockwise, as opposed to the original which spun clockwise), the natural flow of seasons, and the changing sameness of the ages.
===How old?===
Initially, Ahroun did not have a specified age.  While he was assumed to be an adult, no number was actually provided.  Though physically there was the appearance of being roughly the age of the player at this point [roughly 18 - 19 or so], there was no genuine concept of age.  There was a slowly forming idea that indeed, Ahroun was a great deal more ancient than his apparent age, but no mechanism for this was quite yet determined.
===Significant Abilities or Powers===
Ahroun at the early stages of his existance relied primarily on WW:tA for guidance on his powers and abilities.  Beyond the regenerative powers and a few mystical powers, Ahroun was, at this point, essentially mortal.  This contradicted the forming idea that he was a great deal more ancient than he appeared, but this conflict was allowed to sort itself out, leading to the evolution into his middle history.
==Significant Events==
=Middle History of the Character=
==Development of Character Concept==
===How old this time?===
During the middle history of Ahroun, his chronological age was placed at approximately fifty billion years (<math>5.0*10^{10}</math> years).  This was the first step into defining Ahroun as a truly ancient entity.  There was no concept during this period of his existance outside of a temporal metric or an environment for which time was an aspect.
===Significant Abilities or Powers===
Ahroun first became associated with nanotechnology at this middle history phase.  He was described as having a colony of nano-robots (nanites) in his body that functioned relatively autonomously.  Their primary goal was to keep him healthy despite injury or death.  Only with some effort and luck on his part could he utilize them to accomplish any goal other than this, and always the effect was mild.
==Significant Events==
=Recent History of the Character=
==Development of Character Concept==
===How Old NOW?===
As of last count, Ahroun has been placing his age along a chronological dimension at approximately fifteen trillion years (<math>1.5*10^{13}</math> years).  This does not include 'time' spent in environments, dimensions, or null-spaces that do not include a temporal metric, such as durations spent between universes.  In this span of temporal metric traversal, Ahroun has seen over fifty universes through from beginning to end, along with a host of others that he has visited.
===Significant Abilities or Powers===
Ahroun's experience with nanotechnology culminated in two manners: the deployment of a cranial control node and the shrinking of nanotechnology still further until he reached quantum technology.
The cranial control node allowed Ahroun to make true Fenymann's prediction that science would one day make anything physically allowed possible.  With the shedding of limitation of his power, Ahroun gained complete control over the form and function of matter.  His prefered expression of this power involved the reshaping of flesh, usually for their benefit or enlightenment.
With the introduction of quantum technology, Ahroun delved into one final refinement of technology and created quantum robots, or following the 'nanite' idea, what he calls 'quantites'.  Whereas nanites could affect matter, quantites gave Ahroun the ability of manipulating energy as well as the ability to move at will within a space-time construct.  Able now to move instantaneously to any point in space or time, in whole or in part, Ahroun was effectively a mortal god.
Because technology and magick rarely, if ever, mix, Ahroun's purely technological capabilities would often fail to function on mystical beings or in the presence of strong magick.  About halfway through what could be considered his recent history, he used his technology to become female so he could be bred by a storm spirit.  The child completed Ahroun's development of technology by incorporating the nanotechnology and quantum technology into its own spiritual essence and gave Ahroun access to spiritualized versions of both.  Ahroun remains extremely cautious and reserved regarding this ability though, prefering to avoid pushing his luck.  He believes that even he may be pushing the boundries with this newest development.
==Significant Events==
=Wrap It All Up=