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Hi. I'm Aerowolf, often known as Winged on various MUCKs. I help administer the fbmuck software project, along with Revar Desmera and Points.

fbmuck is the software which runs many MUCKs, including HereLieMonsters, FurryMUCK, Sociopolitical Ramifications, and a modified version being used for Tapestries. For more information, you can go to for the developer wiki, which has a link to the downloads.

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Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

Will you be a wizard on my MUCK? Um, sorry, no. I don't have the time, and I refuse to take part in any kind of political situation. (I was a wizard on Sociopolitical Ramifications for eight years.)

Do you know anyone who will help me learn MUF? Come to Further Confusion -- that's where most of the MUF coders hang out. Be aware, we can be a rather strange bunch... since thinking in FORTH requires thinking backwards.

How about MPI? Same thing. Further Confusion is the best place to go. Even if there isn't anything on the schedule, you can usually scrawl something on the board and a BOF session will be held.

Can you tell me about the changes in MUF from FB5 to FB6? You mean aside from floating point numbers, arrays, dictionaries , scoped variables, exception handling, and an interactive debugger? There's a new change that Wizards who own programs must have a Mucker level set (M1, M2, or M3) in addition to being a wizard in order for their programs to run. An M0 wizard is counted as not being permitted to write programs.

How about MPI? Wizbitted objects no longer run MPI with wizard permissions. This was found to be too easily abused. Instead, there's now @bless and @unbless -- when a blessed property is executed, it executes with what used to be wizbitted permissions. When a blessed property is modified, it loses its blessing, and behaves with standard permissions.

Anything else I should know? You have the ability to see ANSI color -- @set yourself C to see it. Most MUCKs, though, seem to need the Queer Eye treatment, so I don't usually bother (it hurts my eyes).