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Hey there and welcome to WikiFur. If I'm to understand this correctly, you are Mix and have issue with the claims of certain events at Anthrocon 2005 and claim they did not occure, along with the fact you only like SA and not an active member. At WikiFur we do not actively seek out to hurt anyone or write slander because we are trying to tell the unbiased truth on all subjects.

I therefor ask rather than us just deleting that information, can you tell us anything about the apparent events as while I was neither at anthrocon or have any major knowledge events, I was told by others who went of someone unspecific wondering around in an SA shirt doing the things that the article claimed you did. Likewise rumor would quickly circulate and someone at some point would try to edit their version of the story back in to the article. We would far prefer that the article said the exact fact from the person who it is about.

Therefor I ask, in your first edit summary on the article you said you were roleplaying and having a bit of fun, would you mind explaining here, or editing in to the article yourself if you wish, exactly what you were doing and why so it can be placed in your article as the exact truth. I know it kinda sounds like I'm asking to you to prove your innocence and I apologise, but I think its better than any rumors going around and the article being untrue.

I will revert the section in your own article back for now but will mark the section clearly as disputed so it can be edited by yourself. I do apologise on behalf of WikiFur for any unintendend offense and hope we can resolve your issues quickly and to your satisfaction. --Nidonocu - talk 13:13, 20 Sep 2005 (UTC)

I want that damn thing gone. I'm not really in the mood to discuss this, sorry. I shouldn't of even went to AC anyways.

I didn't do anything at AC, just draw, film a bit (about 2 minutes, that's all the film I had, so I took pictures instead with the 8mm camera to develope later) but it was for my own personal art project, I didn't intend to harm anyone, nor post this on the web.

Some furs were being a bit too 'paranoid' and being an ass cuz I wore a shirt of a website I liked at the time. I am not a furry, sorry, I just enjoy the art and hanging out with my friends and making new ones. I enjoy the charity work too.

But I guess everyone started some bullshit rumour that has gone WAY too far. It's come to the point where I can be banned from the local furry hangouts. -.-...

Even worse, my roomate might kick me out, because he's a furry as well, and visits wikifur alot. He told me that I was on here, so I checked it out.

So please, for alls sake, please please take this off. It is not needed. I am not a goon. I don't even like the site anymore because of what has happened in me losing almost all my old friends because they think I'm out to get them...

cries* please...

If you want, my friends, who are furry as well, can vouche for me not beng a goon and trying to hurt other peole's feelings. Just recently, I was accused of almost getting all the furries of my local furry meetup group banned from a bowling alley. Though I didn't do anything, alot group members still put all the blame on me.

Just because I like some website makes me a bad person?

So what if I'm friends with Verix as well, he's a really cool friend. Fredryk was one of my first 'popular' friends. I don't know him too well, but he enjoys hanging with me.

But seriously, that post is ruining my life and driving away old and new friends... I'm so sorry for even bringing that shirt to AC. People are taking this way too seriously and are spreading false rumours because of it, sometimes taking me as a scapegoat because they dislike me becuase of that event.

Please consider my dignity, I'm so sorry...

I posted this in my Lj as well... :