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Little is known before time within the Na'go'zi. ** Born of the Hutolewa, a nomadic tribe, this young lion was raised to be kind and forgiving. Abandoned by his parents, one by choice and one by unfortunate circumstances, he was rightfully named Umehau which meant Abandon/Left Behind. To young to recognize life's early tragic upstart, he was told plenty to keep curiosity at bay. What happened to his parents not something a young cub should carry. Eventually he would learn of his mother, or at least what he thought to be the truth about her. Raised by the tribes current Matron, a cheetah named Bikira; he thought of her more as a sister than a reliant leader due to their half year age difference. Traveling across vast landscapes with those he had come to call his family, the basics of survival were taught to ensure the safety of everyone young and old alike. However, not everything can be prevented. While crossing a river, Ume slips and is swept away. Rescued by those he thought to be friends, he is attacked. While trying to escape he is knocked down hitting his head on a sharp rock, busting his left eye open. Before falling unconscious he sees a hyena - friend or foe, he does not know. Awaking days later, he remembers nothing of the incident. Since then, due to their nomadic lifestyle, he strove to be all he could before fate threw him a curve ball and changed his life forever.



Curious by nature, Umehau has always been a rambunctious youth. Getting him to hold still for any longer than a minutes was a challenge. Even the more experienced adults have had their fur turn gray trying to wrangle him in. -- Early in life he was cautious; approaching things as if they would hurt him which often lead him to being more observant rather than adventurous. He later learned that not everything was out to get him and he opened up. Caring and ever helpful, all he ever wanted to do was ensure everyone was happy. After an accident taking place during a flood, who Ume was had changed. He didn't care what the consequences were for venturing into the unknown or doing things that would hurt him. He was an energetic ball of fur who stopped for no one and did what he wanted in spite of the watchful eye his father placed upon him.

Growing older has mellowed Umehau out. He still loves to have fun and get in the occasional trouble, but he now does it within reason. Fearless - a daredevil of sorts - there is little he wont do or try. Especially if it means learning something new or seeing new places.

Survivor - Independent - Caring - Curious - Playful


Before you is a lion of youth and admiration. He's large size shows an above pare stature when it comes to other adolescents. Standing several inches higher than most, his body is lean and is shown to be well taken care of. Dark in coloration, his pelt is a muddy brown with a white stripe running down the back along the ridge of the spine. Face, smooth and rounded, has taken on a fuller look; adapting to age with the dark chocolate outgrowth of hair up top the head, down the back and sides of the neck and chest. The crescent scar around the inner left eye has aged since its creation, fading to a dull ashy color. His eyes are a thing to marvel- the left blue-green while the right a bright summers green. The nose is black and ears finally looking to match his body. Down the tail, a black tip completes this lion.


    • This is based on those closest to him and will change over time.

Kubwini - Father King of the Na'go'zi

Ondoka - Mother Former matron of the Hutolewa. She who left behind a cub to young to remember her name or who she was. She who died after childbirth.

Sumi - Grandfather

Nelliel - Aunt Queen Regent

Bikira - Sister Matron of Hutolewa - return to main pridal page.