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Who is Akira G[edit]

-Akira- is an artist, and at one time a Professional Illustrator.

He started drawing in graphite from a very young age and continued refining his talent ever since. 

Currently he has been working to develop his style in digital media for the last 3 to 4 years at the time of this writing.

Although he doesn't plan on using his talents for a living at this time, he does enjoy creating anthropomorphic art. 
Most of his public work can be found at his Fur Affinity  page.


He has always been fascinated by mythological creatures and the creativity in the stories surrounding them. 
However he has always been drawn to the Gryphon since it has such a versatile range, in not only history and mythology but in the various traits that are associated with it. 
He never has settled on how it should look like as seen with more traditionally created fursonas. 

This being because he uses it in his drawings and has felt it allows him the versatility to make it fit character to the work easier.

Past and Present[edit]

 He was born in 1975 in Grand Junction, Colorado. Lived in Pueblo,Co for 14 years before moving to Wichita, Ks with his mother and younger brother. 
He currently resides with his husband and several pets in a home over looking the nearby river. 
Most of his time is taken up with work at one of the local aircraft companies. 
He does try to set aside time to work on some pictures on a regular basis but is unable to devote as much time as he would like currently.