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Harvest, a fictional bear character in Extinctioners

Bears are carnivoran mammals belonging to the Ursidae family which are classified as caniforms (doglike carnivorans). The adjective ursine is used to describe things of a bear-like nature. The collective noun for a group of bears is a sleuth.

Types of bears[edit]

A Polar Bear character

There are eight extant species of bears and many extinct species, including:

  • American black bear
  • Asiatic black bear
  • Brown bear
  • Marsican brown bear
  • Sloth bear
  • Cave bear (Extinct)
  • Florida cave bear
  • Werebear
  • Short-faced bear (Extinct)
  • Spectacled bear
  • Polar bear
  • Sun bear
  • Giant panda (which used to be considered a close relative of the raccoon family)
  • Grolar, Pizzly bear or Nanulak (Hybrid animal resulting from mating of a Grizzly bear and a Polar bear)

Bears and furry[edit]

A Teddy bear toy

Bears are rather uncommon in modern furry culture, compared to their mythological importance. Bear fursonas are commonly adopted by large individuals (often with size fetishes) or Native American furries.

Anthropomorphic bears are common in artwork and literature. One of the most famous anthropomorphic bears in the world is Winnie the Pooh. Other examples include Goldilocks and the Three Bears, as well as the popular children's series Berenstain Bears.

Furry fans of transformation and animal totems enjoy the movie Brother Bear, in which an Inuit man, Kenai must deal with transforming into the animal he hates the most -- a bear -- while simultaneously gaining an unwanted 'brother'.

Bears are the most common commercial plushies, marketed as the teddy bear.

Fictional species of Bear include the Cave Bear in Dungeons & Dragons.

  • Illiop, a fictional species best known to the public through Ken Forsse's character Teddy Ruxpin

Smokey Bear is a mascot that promotes prevention of forest fires.

Polar Bear's Café

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