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The Ursa Major Award for Best Published Illustration is one of the awards presented by the Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association to the work of art voted best of the year by Internet voters. It is one of the oldest categories of the Ursa Major Awards, having been first awarded in 2002.

Winners and nominees[edit]


  1. Front cover of Fur Visions #20, by XianJaguar
  2. Maitz, Don. Dust jacket painting for "Kingdoms of Light", by Alan Dean Foster, February 2001.
  3. Mleynek, Natasha "Dark Natasha". Cover of "Furrlough" #102, June 2001.
  4. Raabe, Mike. Cover of "World Tree", by Bard Bloom & Victoria Borah Bloom, January 2001.
  5. Wyman, Vicky. Cover of "Tales of Perissa", by Brock Hoagland, July 2001.


  1. Cover of Furrlough #109, January 2002, by Natasha "Dark Natasha" Mleynek
  2. Heather Bruton. Cover painting for Anubis: Dark Desire #1, June 2002.
  3. Heather Bruton. Cover painting for Furrlough #112, April 2002.
  4. Odis Holcomb. Cover painting for Breaking the Ice: Stories from New Tibet, edited by Tim Susman, January 2002.
  5. Chuck Melville. Cover painting for Wild Kingdom #13, April 2002.


  1. Cover painting by Ursula Vernon of Best in Show: Fifteen Years of Outstanding Furry Fiction
  2. "Busker at Pike Place Market", interior illustration by C. D. (Bluesman) Woodbury, in Conifur Northwest 2003 Program Book, September 2003, page 41.
  3. Cover of Genus #62, October 2003, by Yamaneko-ya.
  4. "Husky in Buddhist Robes", interior illustration by Sky Rigdon, in North American Fur #11, January 2003.
  5. Cover of The Iron Star (by Brock Hoagland), by Terrie Smith. Shanda Fantasy Arts, July 2003.
  6. Cover of South Fur Lands #30, September 2003, by Peta Hewitt.


  1. Cover painting by Kacey Miyagami for Fur Plus #22
  2. Briere, Leah. Cover illustration for Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe, #36, August 2004.
  3. Maltzman, Kacey. Cover painting ("Vienna's Jacuzzi") for South Fur Lands #33, June 2004.
  4. Meyer, Susan. Cover painting for Furrlough #133, January 2004.
  5. Wieringo, Mike. Cover painting for Tales of Tellos #2, November 2004.
  6. Wong, Conrad "Lynx". Interior illustration for "Three Ladies", by Michael H. Payne, in Claw & Quill, October 17, 2004.


  1. Cover painting by Cybercat for Transformations: A Forest Tales Story, by Bernard Doove, published by Fauxpaw Publications in June
  2. Cummings, Barb. Splash page for the story "Money for Nothing", by Kathy R. Coleman on page 2 of Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe #40. (in Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe #40, November)
  3. Palmer, Sara. Cover painting for Volle, by Kyell Gold. (Sofawolf Press, January)
  4. Rigdon, Sky. Front cover of Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe, #39 (Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe, #39, July)
  5. Stawicki, Matt. Cover painting for Haydn of Mars, by Al Sarrantonio. (Ace Books, January)


  1. Cover painting by Sara Palmer for Pendant of Fortune
  2. Cover art by Eugene Arenhaus, for Extinctioners #15 by Shawntae Howard, January.
  3. Illustration by Susan Rankin, "Sire Relief: Entering L'Etoile d'Argent." for "Sire Relief", Part I, Spontoon, July.
  4. Illustration by Susan Rankin, "Sire Relief: Holding the Fort." for Sire Relief, Part II, Spontoon, July.
  5. Title page by Chas P A Melville for Bob's Greezamus Carol, Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe #42 (Tai-Pan Literary & Arts Project, December)
  6. Cover art by Sky Oxford for Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe #41 (Tai-Pan Literary & Arts Project, May)


  1. Cover of Fur Affinity: United souvenir book by Blotch
  2. Heather Bruton: Wraparound cover of "Common and Precious"
  3. Heather Burton: Wraparound cover of "Life's Dream"
  4. Baron Engel: Cover of Further Confusion 2007 program book
  5. Sara Palmer: Cover of "The Prisoner's Release, and Other Stories"
  6. Georgi Valchev: cover of Furnation Anthology Magazine issue #8


  1. Cover of Eurofurence 14 program book, by Blotch
  2. Slumber Party, cover of ANTHRO #16 (March-April), by Heather Bruton
  3. Centerfold of Eurofurence 14 program book, by Dark Natasha
  4. Cover for "More Terrible Than Chains", by Kacey Miyagami
  5. Cover for "Waterways", by John Nunnemacher


  1. Cover of Out of Position by Blotch
  2. Patrick Farley: "Gaia’s Strange Seedlike Brood" from Thoughtcrime Experiment
  3. Jailbird: "It’s Beautiful" from "Trading Wishes" by Kevin Frane
  4. Kenket: Illustration for New Coyote from Anthrozine.com
  5. Sara Palmer: Cover for Jasmyn by Bernard Doove


  1. Cover for Kyell Gold's Shadow of the Father, by Sara Palmer
  2. Big Red: Lady Sings the Blues by Richard Bartrop
  3. Cenotaph by SusanDeer
  4. The Seventh Chakra by Kamui
  5. New Fables Summer 2010 by Mary Minch (aka Mary Mouse)


  1. Cover for Nordguard Book one: Across The Ice, by Blotch
  2. Cover for Isolation Play by Blotch
  3. Cover for Red Sails in the Fallout by Jason Chan
  4. Cover for Weasel Presants by Caribou
  5. FBA 2012 Season Opener by Rosenthal
  6. Cover for Tales of the Tai Pan Universe #48 by C.D. Woodbury


  1. Cover for Green Fairy by Rukis
  2. Cover for Winter Games by Sabretoothed Ermine
  3. Back cover for MiDFur 2012 conbook by Blotch
  4. Wraparound cover for Flight of the Star Phoenix by Kacey
  5. Cover of MidFur 2012 conbook by Dark Natasha
  6. Cover of EuroFurence XVIII conbook by Henrieke


  1. Cover of Kyell Gold's Divisions, by Blotch (Sofawolf Press, January 17)
  2. A Blue Deer, cover of The Cat’s Eye Pub, by James R. Jordan (CreateSpace, June 4)
  3. Dark Natasha, painting, Matthias, Ready for Battle (The Metamor Keep website, February 3)
  4. Dolphyn (Justin Swatsworth), illustration (Street Rave) in Anthrocon 2013 conbook, page 19
  5. RedCoatCat, cover of Furnal Equinox 2013 conbook


  1. Cover of Midwest Furfest Program book by Sabretoothed Ermine
  2. Wraparound cover for Off the Beaten Path by Rukis (Furplanet, July 4)
  3. Cover for Chakat in the Alley by James Jordan, illustrated by A Blue Deer (Create Space, July 17)
  4. I won't die here by White Mantis (FurAffinity, May 8)
  5. Wraparound cover for Five Fortunes edited by Fred Patten, illustrated by Terrie Smith (Furplanet, January 16)


  1. Cover of Eurofurence Conbook by Kenket (September 6)
  2. Cover of Lost on Dark Trails by Rukis (Furplanet, January 15)
  3. Cover of Roar #6 by Teagan Gavet (Bad Dog Books, July 9)
  4. Front cover of Tiger's Eye by Antonio Torresan (Amazon, November 5)


  1. Wraparound cover for Anthrocon 2016 Souvenir Book by Tracy J. Butler (June 30)
  2. Wraparound cover of Gods with Fur by Teagan Gavet (FurPlanet Productions; June 30)
  3. Autumn by Iskra (FurAffinity, October 22)
  4. Cover of Claw the Way to Victory by Jenn 'Pac' Rodriguez (Jaffa Books; January 24)
  5. Hey Baby, You're the Cat's Meow! by Dolphyn (Anthrocon 2016 Souvenir Book, June 30)


  1. David Lillie, Cover for The Wayward Astronomer, by Geoffrey Thomas (Corvus Publishing; May 9)
  2. Bone, cover for Always Gray in Winter by Mark J. Engels (Thurston Howl Publications; August 10)
  3. Teagan Gavet, cover for Dogs of War, edited by Fred Patten (FurPlanet Productions; January 12)
  4. Teagan Gavet, cover of ROAR vol, 8, edited by Mary E. Lowd (Bad Dog Books; June 30)
  5. Baron Engel, for Prepare to Engage the Enemy, cover for A Different Perspective by Bernard Doove (June 8)
  6. Idess, cover for Otters in Space III: Octopus Ascending, by Mary E. Lowd (FurPlanet Productions,; June 30)
  7. Ashley Foy, for Valentine's Gifts (February 14)


  1. Pirates!, website header for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2019, by Caraid
  2. Cover art for CLAW Volume 1, by Teagan Gavet
  3. Murder in Surfer's Paradise, cover of the FurDU 2018 convention book, by Tracy J. Butler
  4. Exploring New Places, book cover art by Demicoeur
  5. Will You Be My Valentine? by Ashley Ash


  1. Moth Monarch, Furnal Equinox 2019 T-shirt design
  2. Moth Monarch, Surf Pacific Anthrocon 2019 banner and conbook art
  3. Teagan Gavet, Tri-Galactic Trek book cover
  4. Idess, Jove Deadly's Lunar Detective Agency book cover
  5. Silfoe, Off The Mark book cover


  1. Lofi, Cheers (Furaffinity, January 24)
  2. A Blue Deer, A Night At The Fair (FurAffinity, October 10)
  3. Bubblewolf, Paintwork (Furaffinity, August 4)
  4. Ashley A. Adams, Sir Monty, The Good Boy (Artstation, August 11)
  5. Foxer421, "TAKE OFF YOUR HEADSET!!" (Twitter, November 28)


  1. Kathy Garrison Kellogg, A World Of Our Own
  2. Caraid, Ruxa, Patient Professor
  3. Lofi, Oh, Well
  4. Caraid, Beginnigs
  5. Nomax, Brothers


  1. Ais05, Dragon Party
  2. Jacato, Wind Watcher
  3. Wildering, Space Boy
  4. Caraid, Jedit Ojanen, Mercenary


Ursa Major Award winners for Best Published Illustration
Front cover by XianJaguar for Fur Visions #20 (2001) · Cover by Natasha "Dark Natasha" Mleynek for Furrlough #109 (2002) · Cover painting by Ursula Vernon of Best in Show: Fifteen Years of Outstanding Furry Fiction (2003) · Cover painting by Kacey Miyagami for Fur Plus #22 (2004) · Cover painting by Cybercat for Transformations: A Forest Tales Story (by Bernard Doove) (2005) · Cover painting by Sara Palmer for Pendant of Fortune (by Kyell Gold) (2006) · Cover by Blotch for Fur Affinity: United souvenir book (2007) · Cover by Blotch for Eurofurence 14 con book (2008) · Cover by Blotch for Out of Position (by Kyell Gold) (2009) · Cover by Sara Palmer for Shadow of the Father (by Kyell Gold) (2010)  · Cover by Blotch for Nordguard Book One: Across the Ice (2011)  · Cover by Rukis for Green Fairy (by Kyell Gold) (2012)  · Cover by Blotch for Divisions (by Kyell Gold) (2013)  · Cover by Sabretoothed Ermine for Midwest Furfest 2014 conbook (2014)  · Cover by Kenket for Eurofurence 21 conbook (2015)  · Cover Tracy Butler for Anthrocon 2016 conbook (2016)  · Cover by David Lillie for The Wayward Astronomer (2017)  · Website artwork by Caraid for Furry Weekend Atlanta (2018)  · T-shirt design by Moth Monarch for Furnal Equinox 2019 (2019)  · Cheers! by Lofi, celebratory illustration for Tangletorn (2020)  · A World of Our Own Kathy Kellogg (2021)  · Dragon Party Ais05 (2022)  · The Record Store Squiddy (2023)

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