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The Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Novel has been awarded since 2001. It is awarded to written works of prose text fiction of at least 40,000+ words. Serialized novels qualify only for the year that the final chapter is published.


Kyell Gold holds the record for most winnings of the Best Anthropomorphic Novel, as well as of most Ursa Major Awards overall.[1][2] Since 2014, Gold has withdrawn his name from nomination for both Best Novel and Best Short Story in order to allow recognition of other writers in both categories.[3]



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Other works listed in the ARR/VL for Novels[edit]

  • Air Ferrets Aloft, by Richard Bach. (The Ferret Chronicles #2) Scribner/Ferret House Press, June 2002.
  • Writer Ferrets: Chasing the Muse, by Richard Bach. (The Ferret Chronicles #3) Scribner/Ferret House Press, October 2002.
  • You're an Animal, Viskovitz!, by Alessandro Boffa. Translated from the Italian by John Casey, with Maria Sanminiatelli. A. A. Knopf, May 2002.
  • Insect Dreams: The Half Life of Gregor Samsa, by Marc Estrin. Penguin Putnam/BlueHen Books, February 2002.
  • Vampire Voles: A Welkin Weasels Adventure, by Garry Kilworth. Corgi Books, May 2002.
  • Elvenborn, by Andre Norton & Mercedes Lackey. Tor Books, August 2002.
  • Firewing, by Kenneth Oppel. HarperCollins Canada, April 2002.


  1. Between Darkness and Light, by Lisanne Norman. (DAW Books, January 2003)
  2. Callahan's Con, by Spider Robinson. (Tom Doherty Associates/Tor Books, July 2003)
  3. Cerulean Sins: An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Novel, by Laurell K. Hamilton. (Berkeley Publishing Group, April 2003)
  4. The Iron Star, by Brock Hoagland. (Shanda Fantasy Arts, July 2003)
  5. Long Hot Summoning, by Tanya Huff. (DAW Books, May 2003)

Other works listed in the ARR/VL for Novels[edit]

  • Brown, Rita Mae, with Brown, Sneaky Pie. The Tail of the Tip-Off. Illustrated by Michael Gellatly. (Bantam Books, March 2003)
  • Crocker, Carter. The Tale of the Swamp Rat. (Philomel Books, September 2003)
  • Hunter, Erin. Warriors: Into the Wild. (HarperCollinsPublishers, January 2003)
  • Hunter, Erin. Warriors: Fire and Ice. (HarperCollinsPublishers, June 2003)
  • Lasky, Kathryn. Guardians of Ga'hoole: The Capture. (Scholastic, Inc., June 2003)
  • Murphy, Shirley Rousseau. Cat Seeing Double; A Joe Grey Mystery. (HarperCollinsPub- lishers, January 2003)


  • Blasingame, Ted R. Hoenix. (Dennier Publishing/Lulu, August 2004)
  • Foster, Alan Dean. Lost and Found: A Novel. (Ballantine Books, July 2004)
  • Matthias, Charles. Never Again a Man. (The Matthias Zone website, posted August 13, 2004)
  • Winter Assault authors. Winter Assault. (The Metamor Keep Archives website, posted December 2, 2004}


  • Volle by Kyell Gold. (Sofawolf Press, January)
  • New Coyote, by Michael Bergey. (Five Star Books, August)
  • Black Iron by Ted MacKinnon. (Sofawolf Press, July)
  • Lineaments of Coming Night, by Charles Matthias. (The Matthias Zone website, October)
  • Tails of the City, by R. S. Pylman. (Lulu.com, November)


  • Beyond That Which Divides (book 3 of the Wilderhom trilogy), by Philip J. Eggerding
  • The Catto Comeback, by M. Mitchell Marmel and E. O. Costello
  • His Majesty's Dragon (Temeraire book one), by Naomi Novik
  • The Human Memoirs, by Greg Howell
  • Pendant of Fortune, by Kyell Gold
  • "Monkey in the Middle," by Mark Allen Davis




  • Out of Position, by Kyell Gold, published by Sofawolf Press
  • Bone Crossed, by Patricia Briggs, published by Ace Books
  • Cheetah’s Win, by Phil Geusz, published by Anthrozine.com
  • Jazmyn, by Bernard Doove, published by CreateSpace
  • Return to the Hundred Acre Wood, by David Benidictus, published by Dutton Juvenile
  • The Unscratchables, by Cornelius Kane, published by Scribner



Written works of 40,000 words or more.
  • Black Dogs, Part 2 by Ursula Vernon
  • Death Drop by Sean Allen
  • Isolation Play by Kyell Gold
  • Red Sails in the Fallout by Paul Kidd
  • Smiley and the Hero by Ryan Campbell


Also nominated were:


  • winner: Skyfire, by Jess E. Owen (Five Elements Press, December 26)

Also nominated were:

  • The Cat’s Eye Pub, by James R. Jordan (CreateSpace, June 4)
  • Corr Syl the Warrior, by Garry Rogers (CreateSpace, May 22)
  • Otters in Space II: Jupiter, Deadly, by Mary E. Lowd (FurPlanet Productions, July 4)
  • The Thin Line, by E. O. Costello (FurAffinity, September 18)


The runners-up were:

  1. Huntress, by Renee Carter Hall (in Five Fortunes, edited by Fred Patten, FurPlanet Productions, January 16)
  2. Chakat in the Alley, by James R. Jordan. (CreateSpace, June 17)
  3. The Forges of Dawn, by E.M. Kinsey. (CreateSpace, September 15)
  4. Impossible Magic, by J.F.R. Coates. (Jaffa Books, August 18)









  • Runners-Up (in descending number of votes)
    • Scars of the Golden Dancer, by NightEyes DaySpring
    • Mouse Cage, by Malcolm F. Cross
    • Brothers At Arms (The Zyearth Chronicles Book 2), by R.A. Meenan
    • Toledot (Post-Self #2), by Madison Scott-Clary



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