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Onta, also known as ontahb, is a furry artist..


[edit] Fandom involvement

An active member of Fur Affinity since September 1, 2007, his initial account dates prior to this by almost one and a half years where he had only submitted two works. He has contributed once to Club Stripes and has done cover work and about 30 pages for the Cocktails anthology.

[edit] Hardblush

Onta is the founder of Hardblush, a furry subscription-based adult site dedicated to furry gay and cross-dressing male art which has a roleplaying forum and regular Livestream shows. Onta hosts various artists on the site.

[edit] Art

Onta's art style is well defined lines and bright colors, most of a homoerotic theme. His major influence in his artistic style is by Japanese artist Po-ju, and it shows in the manner in which he handles his femboy characters. Onta works mostly with Paint Tool Sai, a digital art program which he has made various brushes for it.

[edit] Characters

Onta has several well known characters, such as Devin, a unicorn/dragon-esque blue character that according to Onta's canon[citation needed] come from a species known as Unigans (unicorn, dragon, human hybrids), and Marty, a cross-dressing male dog, who is often seen with Jesse, a bisexual bully lion, and Mu, a lovable mule.

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