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Genre RPG
Developer Toby Fox
Platforms Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X
Release Date 2015 September[1]

Undertale is a video game by Toby Fox which can be played on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Trailer describes the game as "the friendly RPG where nobody has to die".

The player encounters various anthropomorphic animal-like monsters.


  • Temmies - species that seems to be a cat/dog hybrid with humanoid hair on head.


  • Doggo, Lesser Dog, Greater Dog, Temmie, Dogamy, Doggeressa - anthropomorphic dog
  • Ice Wolf - anthropomorphic wolf
  • Snowdin shopkeeper, Nicecream Guy - Technicolor Anthropomorphic rabbits.
  • Asriel, Asgore and Toriel - Monsters that appear to be an amalgam of several creatures: lions (asgore's mane and their feets), goats (their horns and appearance), and bunnies (ears).
  • So Sorry, Yellow Dragon monster (Fact: He actually Samael's himself, From his kickstater award as likely easter egg)[2][3][4]

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