Under the Same Sky

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Under the Same Sky is a video production which chronicles a young bunny's powerful journey to becoming a true Samurai.

Shot entirely in 1080i High Definition on location at Chairo Raccoon’s Ringtail Studios and Hakone Gardens in Saratoga, California, it is a tribute to the work of Akira Kurosawa, Toshiro Mifune, Stan Sakai, and many other samarai films and stories.


Disgraced and drunken former student, Katayama, returns to face his Sensai who is teaching a new pupil, Toshiro. Katayama uses a dirty trick and kills his former teacher. Toshiro vows to avenge his master's death someday.

Toshiro takes on the warrior's path of improvement while Katayama finds more drink and starts living with a geisha that he can push around (such an evil guy)

One year to the day of his master's death, Toshiro challenges Katayama to a duel of honor.

Cast and crew[edit]

  • DustyKat co-wrote the script and screenplay, co-produced the film, and plays the antagonist, Katayama.
  • Flapjack plays the hero, Toshiro
  • Yippee Coyote Co-wrote the screenplay, voices three characters in the film and plays the messenger, Ed Guberman
  • Arf plays the sword master, Sensai
  • Pachinko plays the lovely and beautiful, Geisha
  • Super Jayhawk did the executive production, co-wrote the script, co-wrote the screenplay
  • Dax Wildsong Co-directed and was the main Editor
  • Illiur Co-directed the film
  • Ichi Black was personal assistant to Pachinko and still photography
  • Smackjackal was personal assistant to Dustykat, martial arts coordinator, and still photography
  • Kiswara wrote and performed all music in the film in four days
  • Frang was weapons master on set
  • Kyreeth did still photography
  • F.J. McCloud co-wrote the screenplay
  • Arron Raccoon co-wrote the screenplay
  • Emobird made the poster
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