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Uncyclopedia is a satirical wiki site spoofing Wikipedia. It is a wiki site where members write entries that parody, satirize or otherwise spoof practically everything in existence, including notable furries and cartoon characters.

Like WikiFur, the site used to be hosted by Wikia, but its core users left in January 2013, setting up their own site.[1]


In terms of furries, Uncyclopedia fundamentally takes a neutral stance, like it does with every topic. However, also like every topic, it depicts furries in a good-natured but negative light. [2] This isn't because there is a general dislike of them, but more because the topic itself is so controversial and misunderstood.

Specific Pages[edit]

In terms of furries, the Uncyclopedia appears to have a reverse view of popular characters in the world, purely for the sake of humour. It's view on furries themselves appears to be neutral, not praising or condemning furries for opinion's sake, unlike it's counter part, Encyclopædia Dramatica where furries are harshly depicted. Uncyclopedia has an absence of pornography, although it does show censored versions of such.

The most prominent contents relevant to furry fandom include the portrayal of popular characters as villains, and the "second bananas" as heroes. For example, Mickey Mouse is made to look like a Neo-Nazi[3] and Bugs Bunny is shown to be a drug addict[4], whilst Daffy Duck is portrayed as a popular celebrity and a successful film star[5].

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