Umlaut House

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Umlaut House
Author(s) Allan C. Ecker
Update schedule Twice weekly
Launch date August 15, 2000
Genre furry
Web PG

Umlaut House was a furry comic created by Allan C. Ecker, which focused on a small cast of characters, and their interactions with each other. The series is best described as a comedy, with significant science fiction overtones. The current series of Umlaut House has ended, but the artist has since moved on to creating Umlaut House 2. Umlaut House 2 is a bit more dramatic in places, but retains the general good natured humour of the original. The sequel centers around the children of the original cast, though the original cast makes frequent appearances as background characters.

A common theme for both comics is sexuality, though it is presented in Umlaut House (original) without rancor and with good natured humour. Even though the characters deal with their own sexuality -- and to some extent, the sexuality of others -- it is kept in perspective: all characters are who they are, and just that. They deal with their lives with no pity for themselves or others, and no drama. In Umlaut House 2, sexuality is represented in much the same way, it's merely an aspect of the character, and not the character themselves. It does however, deal more with some of the inner turmoil and pain that the exploration of one's sexuality can bring. It should be noted, that despite sexuality being a prevalent theme, Umlaut House and Umlaut House 2 are friendly, and non-offensive comics, which stick closely to a PG-13 rating. This is no nudity, despite suggestive themes at times.

Characters In Umlaut House[edit]

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