Umgotts Destroy

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Umgotts Destroy
Host(s) S. Gatsby, Amadeus
Launch date  ???
End Date  ???

One of the first podcasts geared toward furs, by furs[citation needed], Umgotts Destroy is hosted by S. Gatsby and Amadeus. Their content is geared toward those with a fondness for all things geeky, from furry to video games, and often contains a humorous twist. A number of their podcasts close with either comedy sketches or audio-based trailers for upcoming films from Umgotts Studios.

The podcast has went on hiatus since May 2006 due to the hectic schedule of the hosts as they completed their college finals and prepared for AnthroCon, where they would be re-releasing the DVD of OMGWTF! Furries as the special-edition Unlimited Geekdom DVD.

It went live again in January 2007, with the release of several previously recorded podcasts that had been in the queue to be cleaned up.

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