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Author(s) Skidd, Phsuke
Update schedule bi-weekly
Launch date February 15, 2014
Genre fantasy, adventure, drama
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UberQuest is a webcomic by Skidd and Phsuke.[1]


UberQuest is set in a fantastic fantasy realm named Evyr, where life follows many RPG standards.[2] Three races inhabit the four kingdoms of Evyr: the Fera (mammals), the Dahaki (dragons), and the Avion (avians). [3] All are anthropomorphic animals with a variety of fantastical abilities.


The story of UberQuest follows Sesame, a warrior (cat) from a remote village new to the mainland. She is on an important quest when she runs into a mage-in-training dog, Kibbles. Later a mysterious futuristic pod appears out of nowhere, carrying Claire, a brilliant but eccentric engineer/scientist fennec fox, accompanied by her companion robot Proto.[4]

Other characters in the comic include Farron, a shady merchant rat, Kylar a skilled archer and high-ranking ranger raccoon, and Mason, a weary elk blacksmith venturing on his own for the first time.

This band of misfits go on an epic journey, learning about themselves, growing stronger and wiser and having various adventures.


Cast in Order of Appearance 1: Sesame, 2: Kibbles, 3: Claire, 4: Proto, 5: Dante, 6: Farron,7: Mason
  • Sesame - A short yet, feisty warrior cat. She hails from a remote village on an island away from the mainland. She is on a quest to find out the truth about what happened to her home and is seeking the one person who may know the truth. Stubborn,courageous,dutiful and virtuous - she tries her best to pull off the noble-hero role.She has a fiery temper that often lands her in more trouble than good, she possess great strength but has no idea how to harness it.
  • Kibbles - A sweet-natured Mage-in-Training. She hasn't much experience about magic or fighting and is very naive, she is the youngest of the cast. Despite her lack of knowledge in worldly things, she is the most level-headed of the main-cast, often acting as peace-keeper.She is slow to temper,optimistic and friendly,but also is careless,spoiled and irresponsible at times. Kibbles is She idolizes Sesame and is the apprentice of the Grand-Mage Winsley.
  • Claire - An brilliant, eccentric fox-girl from the future. She is both a scientist and an engineer, she was able to create a sentient life-form Robot-companion known as Proto. Of whom she has a mother-child relationship with. She also managed to make a functional Teleporter Device that acts as a time-machine that transports her to the past in a realm known as Evyr. Claire is a free-spirited,excitable and is the most light-hearted. She is often the first to start joking around although she does have tendency to stick her foot in her mouth. Despite being a fish-out-of-water in a strange new world and having no formal training or class, she does her best to fit in.
  • Farron - A shady merchant. He carries a large pack on his back in which he calls 'Farron’s Extraordinary Traveling Shop', filled with items of both rare and of questionable value, most of which were stolen.He is the oldest of the main cast and has spent much of his adult life as a vagabond. Having a rough childhood has lead him to being apathetic to most everything – he is lazy,sarcastic and aloof.He'd rather run from a fight than engage – despite having a history of being rather skilled in combat. He is also rather cynical and distrustful towards most people, he tends to be a loner.
  • Kylar -The poised,polite and professional ranger. He is the most skilled of the group and is Lieutenant Commander of the Artillery Division in King Alder's Army, specializing with his bow. With a obsessive attitude towards perfection and precision - to which he has been able to hone his abilities quite well. He is has a zest for life and his profession,loving the thrill of a fight - however is also very honorable and will always fight 'fair'. Although small for his size, he commands a large amount of respect from his peers with sheer attitude alone, although he does tend to have a bit of an ego. Kylar is somewhat of a germaphobe.
  • Mason - A true 'Gentle Giant', Mason has a very large stature but a very kind heart. He is often shy and quiet, finding solace in his work as an apprentice blacksmith.Mason is venturing out on his own for the first time and is quite naive, he struggles to find whom he is as a person. Pacifistic,subservient and down to earth. Mason would rather spend his days doing art and quietly working then fight.
  • Proto - Claire's robot companion. He looks up to her as a mother, but addresses her by 'Sir'.A young and naive robot – whom was built by Claire as one of her first experiments, hence the name. Proto is eager to learn about everything but is childish and inexperienced,he can be rather rebellious to anyone who isn't Claire. He takes a few traits from Claire, like believing in the impossible and her sense of humor.
  • Dante - A rogue (mink) and rival for Sesame, she seems cocky and full of herself - she seems anarchist in behavior and acts as a spy, as she is usually one of the first to know about various events around Evyr. She tends to be very opportunistic and preys on Sesame's and the groups inexperience. She also speaks with a Cajun-French accent.


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