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UKfur2 is a website and forum created by werewolfe as an alternative to UKfur2 is "intended as an alternative to the restriction of UKFur forum [...] We don't want to see UKFur forum suffer or go away, but we want people to have choice. Do you want tonnes of MODs and restrictions over there, or few mods and hardly any restrictions here."[1] The forum became "active 26-2-2009."[1] Name changed to October 2009, as the motives of the site were now intended to no longer have a joke at UKFur or its policies. Anyone who logs into UKFUR2.ORG is now automatically redirected to

Currently running at 104 members as of Oct 2009. Many members are using other names on this forum.

  • Ran from/to: February 2009 - present


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