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Jump to: navigation, search (originally is the most popular UK centric furry website on the internet with an excess of 7,500 members (as of July 2013). It is intended as a friendly forum where adult members of the community can meet likeminded individuals as well as facilitating the arrangements of meets; however, it is strictly not a dating site.

The main area of the site has been under redevelopment since 2004, however the forums are still highly active. The site carries a 16+ age rating[1]. Adult material is strictly prohibited in the AUP.

The site has been targeted a number of times by researchers for furry related documentaries, most notably a documentary producer for Channel 4, as reported in the first edition of The Furtean Times. A large number of forum-goers were also featured in the Bizarre magazine article on the furry fandom.

The site provides web hosting and email; however, this service is no longer advertised.

In 2018 Olivitree made moves to take on the running of the forums when staff activity and over all site activity dropped, progress since then has been made and a revamp of the site has been underway to make room for a new wave.


There are also a number of Global moderators and forum moderators.


The UKFur forums contains regional sections for each furmeet group where meet plans and discussion are usually made. In addition it also contains specialist forums concerning fursuiting, artwork, gaming and conventions (such as Scotiacon and Confuzzled), as well as general forums to discuss general news events and offer technical advice etc.

Regional Forums[edit]

  • England:
  • Scotland (ScotFurs): forum
  • Wales (WelshFurs): forum
  • Ireland: forum (Reinstated July 29th 2010)

Each furmeet organisation is independent from each other, so there is a tendency for meet dates to overlap.

Special interest forums[edit]

In mid-2008 UKFur started to add forums for specific subsections of the fandom, so they could discuss events and topics without the fear of the public or other forum members finding out. As of July 2008, three such forums existed: for babyfurs, fatfurs and Therians.

In 2020 work began on moving these forums over to member run clubs.

Oekaki Board[edit]

The UKFur Oekaki Board was set up in early 2008, as a place where British furs could show off their skills. It was run by Articuno and HelenBaby, but was closed at the end of October 2010 due to inactivity[2]


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