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Tzup (pronounced Zoop; born November 18, 1965,[1] died March 27, 2018) was a fursuiter who lived in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, though he frequently travelled to Iowa, United States. His partner was Inuko.

Tzup's fursona was a grey "wuff" - a wolfish dog - who typically wore a pair of glasses low on his muzzle. Tzup's fursuit was created by Oz Kangaroo's "Critter Country" mascot business.

Conventions and events[edit]

Tzup attended many furry conventions, including:

Tzup was a Guest of Honor for the outdoor convention Wild Nights 2010.[2]


On March 22, 2018, Tzup fell ill with a sore throat,[3] which developed into a severe chest infection and pneumonia.

On March 26, Tzup stopped breathing, and his parter, Inuko, performed CPR before emergency services arrived to transport him to hospital.[3] Comatose, Tzup remained stable, but unresponsive that morning. With tests showing high blood sugar and ketone levels, he was treated for diabetic ketoacidosis.

The next day, Tzup's condition worsened, with his blood pressure rising to dangerous levels. A specialist was called in, and emergency brain scans showed that brain death had occurred.[3] On the March 29, at 12:25pm, Tzup passed away after his life support was turned off.[3]



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