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Tyrin (born October 14th, 1977)[1] is a fursuiter and fursuit maker.


Like many furs, Tyrin was a furry long before discovering furry fandom.[2] From a young age he enjoyed writing about anthropomorphic characters, and had an interest in costuming. Tyrin's first costume was a tiger suit, which he hand-sewed, following a Simplicity sewing pattern.

When Tyrin discovered furry fandom in early 1996, his original fursona was a lion named Lyonz. Lyonz lasted until the end of the year, when he changed names and became Tyrin, an otter. The name stuck, but Tyrin went back to being a lion most of the time, though occasionally still portrays himself as an otter.

Tyrin's interest in costuming led to him, for a time, working in "character entertainment" at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, playing such characters as Brer Bear, Goofy, and Baloo.[3]


In addition to his first tiger suit, Tyrin has built many fursuits over the years, including:

  • Blue (or K'lan), who debuted at Confurence 2.
  • Checkers, a black-and-white raccoon who debuted at Mephit Furmeet 2 and in 1999 was given as a Christmas present to Ripner.
  • an otter, who was unnamed.
  • Q.T. Rabbit, a white rabbit who was constructed in a week before debuting at Confurence 10. A second, black-and-white version of Q.T. was constructed later.
  • a lion, which Tyrin constructed with the help of TJ Wolf.
  • Bear in Progress, so called because Tyrin was not quite happy with it, who appeared at Anthrocon 2005.
  • Challenger, a pink and white rabbit.


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