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Tyrannosaur is a common name for several taxa of carnivorous dinosaurs, the highest of them being Tyrannosauroidea superfamily. The most famous species of tyrannosaur is Tyrannosaurus rex, or T. rex (often spelled T-Rex). Tyrannosauroidea is composed of many species, including Nanotyrannus, Albertosaurus and Tarbosaurus. It was highly successful group, lasting from the middle of Jurassic up to the extinction of dinosaurs at the end of Cretaceous.

Tyrannosaurs' sizes ranged from 10' (3 m, Proceratosaurus) to 42' (12 m, T. rex), measuring from nose to tail. They were bipedal and balanced their massive head with their tail. Jaws, lined with jagged teeth, were their primary weapon. Tyrannosaurs had tiny hands compared to the body size, but these hands were nonetheless muscular and were probably used for a purpose. T. rex was among the early dinosaur discoveries. For a long time it was thought to be slow, small-brained, cold-blooded reptile, but modern research suggests that tyrannosaurs were clever social predators. Today, T. rex is considered a cultural icon[1].


T. rex:

The Broncosaurus Rex RPG setting has a playable T. rex race described in The Complete Guide to T-rex supplement.


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