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Tyger Cowboy (real name Christopher Roth; born 6 June 1964 in Dayton, Ohio, USA),[1] is a fursuiter and convention organizer who lives in in St. Louis, Missouri.


TygerCowboy lived in Houston, Texas for 13 years and now resides. He has been a professional event planner and travel agent for over 20 years, working at various locations including running the travel office at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

He is active in the local gay community, participating in several organizations and events each year and sits on the board of Ouroboros Leather/ Levi Club. He works for UNIGLOBE Professional Travel.

He is an award winning chef with his own catering business, Hungry Like A Wolf Cateringing, and an avid dart player and plays for a local team at the Bad Dog Bar & Grill.

TygerCowboy has been working on his certifications for Road Guardians and Rescue Riders as a certified First Responder for various motorcycling events. He owns both a Buell XB12XT and Suzuki DR-Z400SM motorcycle.

Fandom involvement[edit]

TygerCowboy is the convention chairman for Mephit Furmeet, the travel liaison for other conventions such as Archon, and has helped develop and support new conventions such as Oklacon[2]. He was also a guest of honor at Rocket City FurMeet 2004.


TygerCowboy's fursona is a 7-foot (2.13 meters) tall anthropomorphic werewolf.


An avid fursuiter, Tyger has a variety of suits, including several werewolves that he uses in his role as the Alpha Wolf of the Crenshaw Pack at Molly Crenshaw's Haunted Forest every Halloween season.

Current fursuits[edit]

Retired fursuits[edit]

He has won various awards for his costuming and is a journeyman-ranked costumer in the International Costumers Guild.


TygerCowboy was featured in an episode of the documentary series Anna in Wonderland presented by Anna Nolan. The show originally aired in July, 2002, on BBC Choice (Now BBC Three).

He has also been featured in the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch,[citation needed] Riverfront Times,[citation needed] Pitch Weekly[citation needed] and Vanity Fair.[citation needed]


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