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Tybee is the fursona of Victor Einhardt. In real life, Victor is mildly active in the fur community and currently resides in Columbus, OH. He runs a small furry webhosting site at eFurry.com which hosts a few sites for various friends in the fandom. In recent months he has been hard at work on a book and possible complimentary video game surrounding the events of the descendants of the people his character is based on. There is a huge back-story and historical timeline that has been developed over the course of the last six years. More information is available by direct contact.

The character[edit]

Tybee the character (full name Tyberius Adonay) is from a tribal race called the Lindari, an otter-like people created by Victor as part of a spontaneous role-play between 2003 and 2005. As a result of a nanotechnology weapon experiment gone wrong, the character has grown spikes and a couple of other minor features that significantly set him apart from the rest of his people. The character in question is rarely played and is used primarily as a social contact point for friends in various MUCKs (notably Furscape and Steamcraft MUCK).

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