Twisted Quartz

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Twisted Quartz is one of the many personas that Dale Blake, A fur from the UK goes under.

Twisted Quartz is mainly used by Dale as an avatar in the virtual world, Second Life™. But has also been known to be used as a "Musical Persona"

About Twisted[edit]

Twisted is an anthropomorphic shark, and has a similar style to that of Mayhem, one of Renard Queenston's personas.

Second Life™[edit]

In Second Life™, Twisted can be seen in the public areas of Plum and Lime. As well as other private areas where content creation is under way.


Twisted is used by Dale as a musical icon, much in the same way Renard uses his personas. The style of music that goes under the persona Twisted Quartz is Breakcore. Although she has also been featured on the cover of an album by the same artist where the style was Dubstep. It is believed that this was a one-off, as no other Dubstep has been created in her name.