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TwilightPhoenix is a science fiction/fantasy writer (or sci-fantasy) who actively writes short stories and engages in web-board based roleplaying. His stories, while not generally furry in nature, do often include furry characters (sometimes as the central character). These stories are mostly in a universe of his own making, with a few exceptions of either being in a different, original universe, or his two pieces of fanfiction.

He is presently working on a novel titled "Tigerheart" and has two chapters up on his Elfwood gallery. He also states that this release makes most of his work non-canon.


TwilightPhoenix is able to divide his stories into categoies based on the year they were written, though he does not list his works like this. Until recently, this has been limited to three categories: 2004, 2005, and 2006. The first he would label as the "Gamer Style Stories", the second as the "Transistional Period", and the final as the "Present Style", which roughly correlate with the year written. It remains to be seen if 2007 works will he given a new category or be placed in the "Present Style".

Most of what he writes is science fiction, fantasy, or both combined. Twilight's stories generally revolve around action and combat with the climax laying somewhere in a fight or battle. These are almost always written from a third-person omniscient perspective and serious in nature. He has also been described as using a very formal style, which somtimes contrasts with, and even clashes against, some of the character's dialogue, according to some comments. Though he hardly is above writing humor pieces, albeit they are few. They usually tend to be his favorite works, however.

Presently, Twilight is working on rewriting his work from the "Gamer Style Stories" and "Transitional Period" categories, though he admits he isn't even changing the plot in them at all, just how they are written. He claims that this is due to the fact that most of them, if not all, are no longer canon within his universe. He also adds that if he were to change the plot enough to make it good in his eyes, he might as well write a new story.

Gamer Style Stories[edit]

Stories listed in chronological order of writing.

  • The Battle Against Prodigal (Heavily revised)
  • The Assassination Attempt (Heavily revised)
  • Blitzball, Its Not a Game, its a Lifestyle
  • Super Nuisance and the C.E.P. (Best of 2004.)
  • Betrayal at Murdin Fields
  • Guild Wars: Syma Strikes Back (Warcraft fanfiction)
  • The Mind is a Lethal Weapon
  • The Final Exam
  • The End of the Beginning* (Partial history of the universe, written like a historical document.)

Transitional Period[edit]

  • The Lost Stories (Not actually a story, Twilight claims to have written six or seven stories that are literally lost.)
  • Battle At Vorik
  • The Legendary Warrior (Warcraft Fanfiction)
  • Forgotten Honor

Present Style[edit]

Twilight sometimes refers to this category as "Stories Worth Reading". Some of the later ones in this category are also 2007 works.

  • Dark Deceptions (Best of 2005.)
  • Is Freedom Not Worth Dying For?
  • Appendix of Races* (Not a story, revised numerous times)
  • A Fate Worse Than Death
  • The Legend of Taur
  • Dawn of Twilight*(Best of 2006)
  • V-I Day
  • Fated Destiny
  • Private: First Class
  • The Ridiculous Battle of Justice
  • Basic Magic 102
  • The Null and Void Tavern

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