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Tursiae as a tiger.

Tursiae (born November 29th, 1984) is a tiger fur, currently living in Mountain View, California, USA. He can usually be found idling the days away on Furnet, in #ozfurs.

Tursiae entered the furry fandom back in 1997, via a number of furry- and cetacean-themed talkers, eventually moving to more Australia-centric furry services such as #ozfurs.


[edit] Interests

Tursiae is a software engineer, which often is the source for various discussions that may appear in #ozfurs on an IT-related topic. He's also likely to give a groan-worthy pun when the discussion warrants it. Photography is another area of interest for Tursiae; since 2004, he's been something of a photowhore[1], often travelling just for the sake of a few photos.

Tursiae is also an operator on the Furry IRC network, Furnet, where he administers an Australian server with ShivalWolf.

[edit] Projects

Tursiae is the creator of the OzFurry Yiff Chart[2], a project intended purely in jest to map out the sexual relations between members of the Australian furry community. The graph was originally released on the 23rd of April, 2007, and has since been well-received [Citation needed], with numerous members of the community submitting updated data to add to the graph.

The second furry-related project, or as has been termed by some, abomination, is the Furry Name Generator (currently unavailable), intended to showcase the plethora of generic names within the furry community by simply using a context-free grammar to generate a large number of names. The project started out as a simple C++ binary to generate the names from a set of components, and quickly turned into a web-based LiveJournal meme generator.

[edit] References

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