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Tuqiri drawn by Stuffed Fox.

Tuqiri Breen (born 14 January) is a graduate at Zenos in 2011 [1]. He also graduated at the Abraham Darby Academy in 2010. Tuqiri is located in Middlesbrough, England studying foundation computer science at Teesside University [2]. He is also CompTIA A+ and MSITP certified, his fursona is a Crux.

In his spare time, he does programming with the Java language. He also very active on steam under the name CuteCrux :3[3].

Fursona and backstory[edit]

Tuqiri's fursona is a species known as a crux. His fur patterns run all over his body in random shapes and sizes which are a dark blue in color. He has retractable claws that can hide inside his fur, the claws are so sharp that they could cut though metal with ease.

Tuqiri his name came from the tattoo on the bottom of his paw was born in a medical lab known as the Laboratory of Herpetology and Mammalogy studying the research in combining all animal genetics into one creature. By doing this Tuqiri was born inside a test tube, his dark blue fur patterns and features came from birth. When he was born he was put inside a cramped cell with no light, he was tested and abused regally by other medical staff giving him the fear of anyone in lab coats. When he was four years old he escaped the medical lab but ending up hurting one of the staff badly with his claws, shortly after he escaped the medical lab got abandoned and its research was never found. When asked about this he never wishes to remember it and never wants to visit that place again


Tuqiri.net was founded 10th February 2010 by Tuqiri and Nican since then the site has turned from a testing ground for making website styles, into a blog used mainly by Tuqiri.


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