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Tundrous, also known as Fauxen, is a furry musician who lives in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom.[1]

Tundrous' updated Fursona headshot! Drawn by PinkNFurry for Tundrous.
Tundrous' updated ref, do not use! Copyright Tundrous, drawn by Amy.


Tundrous' fursona is a eight-teen year old cyan blue folf (fox-wolf hybrid) who stands around 5'4" and weighs 73kg. She has thick long white hair with a fringe and ponytail going below shoulder height, with purple and aqua blue highlights, a small belly, blue eyes with white pupils, a purple septum piercing and purple ear-rings, 3 long somewhat identical tails all of which are adorned with black spots and stripe patterns,A yellow and blue striped long tongue, black spotted legs with purple stripes on the upper thighs and black tipped fluffy ears.

Tundrous in the furry world, is in the police force and a singer... this is due to Tundrous, in real life, having her dream job of being in the police.

Tundrous uses additional fursonas, such as Alexa (a golden black bunny), Spring (a wolf and a more feminine version of Tundrous), an unnamed sabretooth tiger, and a little fox called Fauxen. All fursonas hold a key sense of moral justice and show a different side of Tundrous' personality, each one representing certain characteristics.

Tundrous had a major design in 2015 and swapped from having a male gender fursona to a female fursona, along with body modifications and colour changes.


Tundrous is a bouncy folf (Fox and wolf hybrid,) and was born from two parents but it is unsure how both a fox and a wolf was able to create a hybrid - but furry logic. Tundrous was born and lives in the United Kingdom and is rumoured to know Robin hood. She is always seen to be smiling and running about whilst humming and singing, wearing her usual fashion: Band t-shirts, usually Avenged Sevenfold,black jeans and black skating trainers... Although Tundrous is never seen wearing dresses and is presumed to be a tomboy. She loves candy, chocolate and Monster energy drinks as well as singing and sport. However, she dislikes loud noises, rude people, art thieves and ignorant people... as well as some vegetables.


Tundrous as a musician is mainly a singer but also delves into rap music. Music is mainly a hobby to her, however during school years music was taken as a subject - Tundrous' music compositional ideas were inspired by Renard Queenston and each of her fursonas represent a different genre of music. Her favourite genre is Trance.


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