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Tundra, drawn by marci
Tundra drawn by nimitz

Tundra, also known as Husky Boi (born in 1992,) is a babyfur from Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Recent (c. December, 2007) picture of Tundra

Tundra discovered his love of furry while watching the infamous furry CSI episode. Finding the website yiffstar after googling "yiff", he joining yiffchat as a female fox named Tundra Fox, but after a short time changed to a male husky, keeping the name "Tundra".

Having a small identity crisis, he spent a very brief period as a bat, otter, and husky hybrid, then went back to being a husky.

After two years on yiffstar, Tundra got banned for being underage. He moved on to Second Life, playing for two years and getting banned (once again) for being underage.

Tundra can be found on a few websites, such as 4chan, lulz, and a few others. Tundra was a camwhore for 4chan, 7chan, and 12chan, but has recently stopped taking pictures.


Tundra is a male black-and-white siberian husky with a feminine shape and blue skin. (His inner ears, paw pads, tongue, and nose are blue.) He also has blue hair and eyes that match his skin, a small white heart just above his head, and a large fluffy tail that resembles a heart.

Tundra and roleplaying[edit]

When he was new to the fandom, Tundra used to roleplay all the time, though now he does incredibly rarely, and only with a handful of people.

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