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Tumbles the Stairdragon is the name given by members of the furry fandom to a furry who made a suicide attempt at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2007 after being ejected from an LOLFurries room party for harassing other members and being heavily inebriated:

Tumbles the Stairdragon
[He] kept pestering people to smoke pot with him, and any time we went to take a walk he would just follow us trying to get us to take us with him until finally we found a clever way to ditch him and Jen told him not to come back to our party. --Anjel Kitty[1]
Tumbles the Stairdragon

Several members of the fandom were present, including 40oz Hyena and Icono of LOLFurries, to witness the actual event, which took place around 01:00 AM Sunday morning on the cement stairs adjacent to the smoking area.

[edit] The Tumble

After being ejected from numerous parties (despite rumors, the LOLFurries party was not the last one he was ejected from, he had two more after that threw him out) , Tumbles moved to the outdoor area behind the convention space. He was mumbling and apparently angry. Nobody approached him. At first, he reportedly tried to slit his throat with the broken lens from a pair of sunglasses. After that, "Tumbles" threw himself down the stairs, getting stuck in the railings halfway down. At this time, the con-attendees were moved inside, and "Tumbles" was not moved for fear of a head/neck injury. An ambulance and the police were called, and convention areas were shut down until the situation was dealt with and the police conferred with the witnesses of the event. "Tumbles" initially resisted arrest, but was quickly subdued due to his state.

[edit] Aftermath

Word spread rapidly online, and within days the character/meme Tumbles the Stairdragon was born.

A dragon was chosen, despite the furry's husky fursona[2], partly due to the stereotype that dragons are more prone to mental instability, and partly because he had been described as "a scalie". Several illustrations of the character were created.[3][4]

2 reportedly quipped that it would have been funnier if he had done it on the escalators,[4] while Nothingkat chided the fandom for their callous response. [5]

The following year people were surprised that "Tumbles" attended the con again. Most of the surprise was over the rumor that he had been banned from FWA, the Sheraton, or both. In an effort to make ammends, "Tumbles" went up to several furries he'd met in '07 and apologized for his behavior the previous year, stating that

Tumbles the Stairdragon
I lose control when I drink too much, and I'm sorry for the way I acted and the things I said. I made an ass of myself before and this year I'm not drinking at all.
Tumbles the Stairdragon

and that all he wanted to put the whole business behind him. Despite rumors he has no plans on going into hiding or avoiding the con in the future.

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