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The Tucson Mob, also known as the Tucson Crowd and the Tucson Mafia, is a highly-informal group of furries and other fans in Southern Arizona, USA, centered around the city of Tucson.[1][2][3] The only requirements for membership were you had to live in or around Tucson at the time, know each other, and be tolerable.

History and philosophy[edit]

In the past, the Tucson Mob was known as "the wrong people" by some in the furry fandom. The Tucson Mob has little time for fan-politicising, or worrying what others may think of the Mob members or their actions.

The Mob does what it does, and if marching to one's own drummer and thinking for oneself is the key, the Mob should be in good company. They travel within and without the U.S. - trips to Japan being one notable annual event.


Apart of their own meetings, specially when ZonieCon was still in operation, the mosts attended one is the firearm events, as all Tucson Mob members are legally weapons owners. Ted Sheppard armory alone includes a plethora of vintage WWII weapons, and Wolf Smith even owns a Cannon.[4]






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