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Tsuyoto is a fursuiter who lives in Greater Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.[1] His fursona is a wolfdog, three-quarters German Shepherd and one-quarter wolf.[1]

Tsuyoto built his own fursuit, which debuted at the DeadDog party at Further Confusion 2007.[1] Tsuyoto owns two other fursuit characters:

  • Trapper - a grey wolf originally named Avery, built by Arend Studios in 2000 for Croc, acquired November 2005.
  • Dozer - a rottweiler originally named Tank, built by Media in 2007 for Tank Weiler. Jimmy Chin acquired him in October 2010 and renamed Dozer. Tsuyoto acquired him in March 2011.

Trapper and Dozer have appeared at local Bay Area community events.


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