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Trystan Seven is a professional EDM artist and classically trained musician from Kentucky, who has also been known to be in the furry fandom because of his frequent activity in several furry communities and groups on different sites, such as Kentucky Furs and going to events such as Otakon. He is also a ghost producer, as well as runs a promotional channel called LessThan3Dubstep, which promotes fur and non-fur musicians alike in an attempt to help out talented artists.


Having two professional musicians as parents, Trystan's been in the music mindset since birth. Starting as young as 5, he began participating at choir and music theory classes, as well as piano and violin. At 16 he began producing various styles of EDM and publishing them on several furry websites. Now, at 20 (as of Jan. 28, 2012), he is quickly making his way into the dubstep scene, getting club and radio plays, as well as getting support from some big YouTubers and other musicians.

Trystan Seven uses FL Studio 10.0 to record and produce his music. He also uses VST's such as NI Massive and Sytrus for his synths.

You can find most of Trystan Seven's stuff on his websites, listed under "External Links".

Early years (2008 - 2010)[edit]

Although his very first titles which were made before 2009 are unknown, Trystan Seven's first EP was titled "Genuine Conspiracy", which was released on July 19, 2009, sold for $6.00, and featured 11 tracks and one free bonus track if you bought the whole EP. However, some time in 2011, this album was mixed into one mega-album with all tracks made before April 30, 2010, downloadable for free here. The original EP contained a mix of dubstep and experimental type tracks. Needless to say, this being his first release, his sales didn't do too well, which aggravated him, causing him to change styles several times in order to "find his sound".

Sticking to his new found love "dubstep", Trystan Seven began making EP after EP, trying to sell his works and get signed for months, releasing EPs such as May Explode Or Leak (2009), Randomocity (2009), Released and Captured (2009), as well as several smaller releases in 2010, such as "4204046217", "Loðinn Klám" (which translates to "Furry Porn" in Icelandic), and "You Won't Forget This Title".

At the beginning of 2010, Trystan Seven released an EP with his friend, Rhinoceros, called "Irradiated", which was given away as a free EP from the start, and tracks such as "Patience" and "Ivan Ooze" got quite a bit of attention, gaining several thousand total views on YouTube, and getting a few radio plays on sites such as Filth.FM.

Later in 2010, Trystan Seven released another EP with Rhinoceros, called "Breathe This", going back to his more heavy dubstep roots. Tracks such as "I.M. Mean" getting some major attention, uploaded to YouTube by big time promoters such as MistaDubstep, USDubstep, and more.

Gaining momentum (2011)[edit]

2011 started off pretty tame, but this is the year when he began giving up the heavy type of dubstep, and started aiming for the more chilled and relaxed type works, including experimental and house tracks as well. Releasing EPs such as "Unforgotten" in February, and "Everyday" in September, he quickly began to gain a fan base for his more chilled tracks.

In June of 2011, LessThan3Dubstep was started, a promotional channel on YouTube. Quickly promoting artists such as Dr. Deimos, The Dead Pixel, Klippa (LapFox Trax), and other furry artists as well, and quickly gaining recognition as a quality EDM promotional channel on YouTube, getting support form big artists in the dubstep scene, and quickly gaining 2000 subscribers before 2012.

In November of 2011, Trystan Seven did a collaboration with Dcigs, remixing one of Dcigs videos into a song, "Walk Wit Mah Tits" and selling it on iTunes in December. This song has gained ~1,300,000 total views on YouTube, and was featured on Tosh.0's website. It also was put up for vote to be featured on his TV show, however did not win the vote before the deadline. However, when Dcigs fan base found out about the vote, Walk Wit Mah Tits won by a land slide, but it was already past the deadline, therefore did not make it onto Tosh.0's show.

Present (2012 - Present)[edit]

In 2012, Trystan Seven started a new alias known as "Dalma7ian", this being his alter ego/fursona. Dalma7ian features more darker, bassier tracks, usually describing a story, and often times dealing with dogs, such as his track "Christmas At The Dog Pound" and "Milkbones". This alias is quickly gaining more attention in the dubstep scene, and not the furry fandom, surprisingly.

2012 has also brought the release of a few new tracks, including "Patience VIP" which was a VIP (varience in production) of a track of his that got him his first radio play, known as "Patience", which was a collaboration between him and Rhinoceros. Not much else is known about Rhinoceros aside from he's a friend.


Not much is known about Trystan Seven/Dalma7ian's fursona, except for it's a dalmatian. There have been mixed versions of these details given out, some saying it's a blue spotted dalmatian and some saying it's just a regular dalmatian with a black spot covering his left eye, and a T7 imprinted on his left ear.

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