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Playing with fire.
Humanitarian Sith.

Trybal Wolf is a furry lifestyler who lives in East Lansing, Michigan, USA.[1]


Trybal Wolf grew up in Clio, Michigan, and from an early age had an obsession for canines. He was fascinated by Disney's Robin Hood, Universal Studio's Balto, and any other media that involved anthropomorphic animals.

The journey that led him to the fandom was a long one. At an early age he drew animal characters to represent himself. At the age of 14, he was introduced to the flow arts which later led him to discover rave culture. It was through rave culture that he was first made aware of the furry fandom.

Though he has never left his original fursona, it has undergone several slight revisions over time. The first rendition of the character was finished shortly before MCFC 2014.

Trybal is a biohacking and transhumanism enthusiast with multiple implanted microchips and a radioactive glowing tritium implant. He is a regular contributor on, (profile here), a forum dedicated to discussing the augmentation of the human body with technology. He is also an avid cyclist and former bicycle deliveryman. Trybal works for a local restaurant as a cook.

He also co-manages Cantus Fluere Studios, with his roommate Aura Fluere. CF Studios,is a recording studio that can be rented hourly.

Conventions Attended[edit]

Trybal has attended MCFC 2014, 2015, and 2016 and AC 2016.

He attends MCFC and AC annually, and plans to add MFF to the rotation.


Trybal's fursona is a black, grey, and orange wolf.[2]


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