Truer Words

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Truer Words
Author(s) LunarYouko
Update schedule Once a Week
Launch date December 2008
End Date Ongoing
Censor NC17.png

Truer Words is an adult furry webcomic written by Revinyesvr and LunarYouko and drawn by LunarYouko and published online at Comic Genesis.


The comic is rated Web NC-17 due the adult nature of the comic in future chapters. There are scenes planned of an adult and sexual nature between various characters as well as violence and bloodshed in later books. For these reasons the comic is not to be read by younger audiences.

Story summary[edit]

Truer Words is a story told by a young fox named Randi. Randi has a particularly unique gift; he can communicate with phantoms. Phantoms are furs who have died but have not been able to move on, much like ghosts. Randi can aid these wandering phantoms to find peace in their afterlives, or he can condemn them to live life as a demon, a monstrous creature forced to atone for their sins of a past life. What will Randi do with this power? Will he master it, or will it rule him?


There are several characters that appear throughout the story as the come in and out of Randi's life.


Randi is the main character of the story.


Icarus appears in the first book of the story.

Riva Arecol[edit]

Riva appears in the first book of the story.

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