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Triss Winterdusk is a furry who lives in Portland, Oregon, USA.[1] His fursona is a violet and white Husky.[2] He is one of the leading event organizers of the Portland furry scene, among a handfull of others, as well as a co-founder of the PDXFurs Nonprofit Organization.

He was born in the Portland metro area June 1, 1983, and has lived all but a few years in the area. In addition to Portland, Triss has made his home for brief times in Michigan, Montana, and Missouri.

Triss has been a furry since about 2000, and part of the Portland furry community since 2003.[3] He began hosting and co-hosting events himself in 2010.

He is a founding staff member of Furlandia, and acted officially as Volunteer Coordinator[3] in its first year, though took on several other operational roles as needed. His role for 2014 is that of Co-Chairman along with Gene Armstrong. Triss is also a staff member of RainFurrest as of 2013, acting as assistant and shadow to the Chairman.

He enjoys attending other furry conventions as often as possible, and regularly tries to attend Anthrocon, RainFurrest, and Campfire Tails. He attended the first year of BLFC and plans to return next year.

Triss has played the furry MMO Furcadia off and on since 2000, known there primarily as Triss D'Vichy. For most of 2006 and 2007 he was the Manager of The Golden Tether, the game's most popular roleplay community, or Dream as the player built worlds are referred to.

He was active in the game SecondLife for a time, mostly around 2009, known as Triss Wolfenhaut. He was best known as an online DJ for the in game club venue The Ark, located at the time within a holding of FurNation Worlds.

Currently as of 2014 Triss attends college full time with the goal of joining the medical field as a Radiologist. Whatever free time that isn't spent on furry events, he spends on an active social life, or relaxing at home with his purebred Siberian Husky, Lil.


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