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Trishcabob Ratgirl's Fursona. A comparison of the original versus recent design.
Trishcabob Ratgirl (Patricia Peterson), simply known in the community as "Ratgirl", is a furry character designer and the owner/artist of Ratgirl Productions (Founded February 2010). Born in August of 1983 in Northern California, Ratgirl was fond of anthropomorphism at a very young age and began creating her own animal cartoon characters by the age of 10; though really had no idea of the existence of furry fandom until nearly 3 decades later. Ratgirl was officially self-designed as a cartoon character in 1998--a tan anthropomorphic rat with brown hair and eyes, black nose and tail, and pink in the ears--the alias Patricia has kept ever since, and now additionally utilizes as her business figurehead and mascot. Because of this, while the level of artwork has improved significantly over time the overall physical description for her rodent self has stayed the same.

Ratgirl became active in the furry community in 2010, after finding numerous furry-run websites like Fur Affinity and Furry 4 Life. In 2012, she finished making her own (and first) fursuit partial for Ratgirl and debuted it at Further Confusion the same year.

Creative Endeavors[edit]

Ratgirl's Fursuit Created 2012 by Ratgirl Productions
Ratgirl is a self-taught general cartoonist and illustrator, but has major focus in furry, anime/manga, comic, and "Disney" styles throughout her works which has produced an interesting portfolio. Ratgirl Productions is her full-time art business where she creates and sells original works, attends and promotes at many types of conventions, self publishes books, and does artwork commissions for a growing client-base. She works in both Traditional as well as Digital art mediums. Her various favorites to work in are Ball-point Pen, Chalk Pastel, Prismacolor Pencils, and Photoshop CS5 with a Wacom Intuos 4L Tablet.

A collaborative comic project called CBI: Critter Bureau of Investigation began between three artists; Ratgirl, Mystic Eden and Rainbow Ichi; on December 13th, 2011. The story revolves around three anthropomorphized bear detectives who solve various crimes set in the year 3045. The first issue of this full-color mystery comic is slated for late August 2012.

Since January of 2010, Ratgirl has been part of BAAU which is the Bay Area Artist United group based in Northern California. BAAU produces a yearly art and comic compilation book called BAAU Down, and works from Ratgirl Productions can be found in volume 11.

In 2012 Ratgirl joined the Bay Area Furries group (BAF for short), based in Northern California. She attends occasional meets and may begin hosting some.

Conventions are also a big thing for Ratgirl, both on a professional and personal level. Having a love for animation of all types, she began attending as a fan in 2002; her first event being FanimeCon 2002. By late spring of 2010 Ratgirl Productions debuted as a vendor at various conventions, attending not only as a fan but also as a professional. In 2011 Ratgirl began to head plans with fellow professionals for a new multi-fandom convention and non-profit corporation by the name of Fan-culture Arts and Media Exhibition, shortened simply to F.A.M.E.

Puppetry is another love of Ratgirl's, and by similar extension fursuit building and fursuiting. The Ratgirl partial was created in January of 2012 and in May of 2012 she unveiled a ten-foot tall Dragon puppet (used in the FanimeCon 2012 Cosplay Spectacular stage performance adaptation of the anime Record of Lodoss Wars). She has plans to make more creatures when time permits.

Furry Conventions Attended[edit]