Trevor's Tricks

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Trevor's Tricks
Author FuzzWolf
Cover Artist Lapin Beau
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) Erotic single-author anthology
Publisher FurPlanet
Release Date 2007
Media Type Print (Softcover)
Pages 176
ISBN 9781935599005

Trevor's Tricks is a short story collection by FuzzWolf, was originally published by FurNation Multimedia in July 2007. FurPlanet's website says the publisher of Trevor's Tricks is now "FurPlanet Books". Trevor's Tricks has cover and interior illustrations by Lapin Beau.[1]

The collection includes nine short stories previously available on FuzzWolf's website that have been edited and updated plus one new story which has never been posted online. The stories follow the sexual exploits of Trevor, a young gay fox who is starting to explore his sexuality and Sinclair, an older wolf who is more than happy to show him the way.

Trevor's Tricks was officially released at Anthrocon 2007 and became the highest-selling novel at FurNation's table. The author was also available to sign copies. The book sold out at Anthrocon, but is still available from FurPlanet's online store.[2]


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