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Tremaine, also known as Tremaine Hayes Fox or Tremaine H. Fox (born 1976), was a furry artist. He lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, with his wife Mistletoe, who is also a furry artist.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Tremaine discovered furry fandom in August of 1996 through a magazine called "The Cartoonist and Comic Book Artist". There he discovered a page from Shanda the Panda comic, penciled by Michele Light and inked by Steve Addlesee. In the article, Steve mentioned finding work through the newsgroup Tremaine investigated the newsgroup and fell in love with the concept of furries.

Shortly thereafter he discovered and joined the Squeaky Clean Furry Archive. He drew furries most of his life and didn't even know others were interested in that sort of thing till he got into college at age 20 and found the Internet.


From the SCFA Tremaine discovered FurryMUCK in October, 1996. That is when he picked his name, based out of a book of 20,001 baby names. He chose it because it sounded neat to him, and it is a Celtic place name that means "Stone House". Some have asked if his name was based on the character Trelane from Star Trek, but the only similarity is in the homophone.

He discovered and joined the VCL in November of 1996. He had regularly updated many web sites for a time, but has pulled down all of his artwork everywhere as of December 2011.

Convention attendance[edit]

Since he first attended Duckon in 1997, Tremaine was once a regular convention attendee and dealer at Mephit Furmeet, Midwest FurFest, and occasionally Anthrocon until 2010.

On Hiatus[edit]

As of December of 2011, he is on an extended hiatus from furry fandom for personal reasons. At this time he has no plans to attend any furry conventions. He has not, however, "left the fandom". It can be said with certainty that the fandom is not of terribly high priority right now. Tremaine is reconsidering his role within the fandom.

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