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Treemeadow is a furry from New South Wales, Australia. She identifies as genderqueer. A fan of music and singing, has been known to loudly pester her companions for song requests when under the influence of alcoholic beverages such as Liquid Furry.

She values friendship and loyalty, believes in second-chances, and doesn't like making judgments based on first meetings.


Treemeadow has been an active member of the furry fandom since December 2007, and frequents the Furstralia forum. Like many before her, Tree has identified with the traits of furry her whole life. Tree has been actively involved with scouting organisations (though not Scouts itself) her whole life, and incorporates this into her fursona and the events she organises. Tree feels most at home in roles where she gets to care and nurture others.


Treemeadow has not settled on a full-time fursona, however, she does experience a spiritual affiliation for trees. Sometimes she describes her fursona as being a tree with many branches, each one represented by a different animal.

For the most part, Tree expresses herself as a faun- due to their connection to rural lifestyle and forest dwelling, and a bear- owing to the affinity for parenting/nurturing and protective roles.

She has also been represented as a yellow Labrador Retriever/Cocker Spaniel hybrid (with Coyote somewhere) in the past.

Camp Wildpaw[edit]

Tree's other passion is being outdoors. In honour of her favourite pastime, Treemeadow (and fellow ozfur Rob Wolven and Alex the Lion) organise an Australian outdoors meet, Camp Wildpaw.

Tree's Posse[edit]

Tree edited this to add a mention for the two friends who notified her of this wikifur account- Denco and Thesaria.

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