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Tree Ninja (T.N.) is the tree kangaroo in Macropod Madness, by Kelvin the Lion. Her fur is brown, with some darker parts; she has pale-blonde hair in a long curled ponytail. On most of her outings, she wears dark overalls to keep hidden as much as possible.

Tree Ninja has lived in many wooded areas in Macropodia, manoeuvering through trees and looking for adventure. When the going gets tough, she's more than ready to use her ninja skills. As part of some secret ninja clan club, T.N. lately makes a profit delivering Ninja Pizza.

Did you know? Each pizza comes with souvenir plastic ninja stars!

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In the early stages of Macropod Madness, T.N. had a crush for Jacky Mango. Because of that, Jenna Grape, a rival since joey-hood, was suspicious of her surprise appearances. In fact, Jenna revealed T.N.'s real name was Ulysia Guava. It's not currently known if T.N. will find herself a better boomer.