Treaty Planet

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Treaty Planet is the last of the Doona series.

The colony has been thriving and humans and Hurrbans on Doona are firm friends. But when an alien spaceship appears over Doona there is a sense of panic.

The Doonans are happy to accept the new aliens and learn about them.. However factions on both homeworlds are again terrified of change and paranoid about the motives of these aliens.

The aliens resemble large bears with the females being 3 times the size of the males. When the aliens realize that Doonan's are two separate species living together they are overjoyed as they have had their own difficulties in the past meeting another race.

Spacerep on Earth greatly distrusts the aliens and may have good reason for that distrust.. And will stop at nothing to try and disrupt any treaty and put the aliens in a bad light. The consequence being that the aliens will leave and never contact either race again.

After much plotting and counterplotting the truth about the aliens is discovered and the explanation of this distrust. A treaty is signed with the new aliens who then announce that they have found a new race out there and have given the new races Doona's location as 'The Treaty Planet'

This completes the Doona series with Doona being a self sustained independent colony and hopefully beyond the influences of either homeworld machinations.